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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

The purpose of Different Women Different Places 2 is to:


Carol Campayne

Founder, DWDP



With a reputation for delivering prominent diversity, inclusion, organisation and leadership development programmes across the public, private and voluntary sector, Carol has established a national standing for successfully implementing organisational change at strategic and operational levels.


As Executive Director of the Diversity Practice, Carol’s ability to expand the leadership reach and capabilities of individuals – particularly those from minority groups – has been recognised by a wide spectrum of organisations including EY, Babcock International and Northern Trust, and across the NHS and Higher Education, all of which have engaged Carol to deliver high-profile diversity and inclusion programmes.


As one of the architects of Different Women, Different Places, Carol has spent the last decade exploring the impact of intersectionality and the relationship between ‘different women’ and their white female counterparts.


Now, in 2018, Carol’s decision to build on research gathered in 2007 and explore, reveal and showcase the current narrative of Different Women from across the world is seeking to ensure their voice is heard and the positive impact they have on the workplace and society is recognised.


Sarah Boddey, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer EMEA & Asia Pacific, Northern Trust

Dr Leslie Brisset, Company Secretary & Principal Consultant, The Tavistock Institute

Audrey Campbell, Head of Diversity & Inclusion,  Babcock International Group

Yvonne Coghill CBE, Director - WRES Implementation at NHS England

Kome Emuh, Technology Risk Vice President, Goldman Sachs (New York)

Pamela Hutchinson, Head of Diversity & Inclusion EMEA, Bloomberg

Vimmi Singh, Board Member, Regent's University London


Coreene Archer, Organisational Development Consultant, The Tavistock Institute

Sherah Beckley, Sustainability Specialist, Thomson Reuters

Sarah Crowe, Vice President Diversity & Inclusion EMEA, Northern Trust

Mena Emuh, Founder, The L8 Bloomers

Jackee Holder, Executive Leadership Coach

Abby Olufeyimi, Director, Incubator Africa

Dr Maya Ruiz-Castro, Senior Lecturer in Ethics, University of Roehampton

Paulette Williams, Head of Student Success Projects, UCL

Phillipa Williams, Co-founder and Co-owner, Practive Ltd


Sandra Finley, Board Chair, President & CEO of The League of Black Women, USA

India Gary Martin, Founder, Leadership for Life - Executive transformation, USA

Patricia Mezu, Director, Professional Minds, United Arab Emirates


Elizabeth Dunne, Creative Support Different Women Different Places

Holly Marriott, Project Administrator, Different Women Different Places

Dominique King, Project Administrator, Different Women Different Places

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