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Different Women

Different Places

same gender, different race

Creating a powerful global movement of Different Women - Black, Asian and ethnically diverse women leading and working in the UK and beyond

In celebration of its 10th year - we are excited to announce Different Women Different Places 2 - The Sequel!


With the glaring gender pay gap  revelations, #metoo, #neveragain, #pressforprogress, DWDP2 dared to ask:

  • Where is the voice of, to label a few, the Black African, Black Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Mixed-race, Indian, Chinese and Pakistani woman?

  • Do organisations really understand, appreciate and value the distinct leadership contribution Different Women make?

  • Is the gender agenda inclusive of Different Women?


In terms of gender equality, the dial has shifted. Once again, the harsh reality is that we are far away from the ambition set. Together, let's make sure that no woman is left behind - not on our watch!

Different Women

Black, Asian and ethnically diverse women who make a unique and positive contribution to the world


The Power of Tribe: Same Gender, Different Race

 1st October 2020

Virtual Webinar

Watch the recording HERE


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